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Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging

Lorna Smith, one of our vets, is currently undertaking a postgraduate certificate in diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging includes radiology (xrays) & ultrasound. We now have a purpose built suite on St Quivox Road, Prestwick, which on Wednesdays will host an Ultrasound Clinic. You will be referred to this clinic by one of our vets.


Ultrasonography is a technique that uses a probe which emits high frequency waves to create images of internal organs; including abdominal organs and the heart. This can in most circumstances be done without having to sedate the patient which makes it a very safe and valuable diagnostic tool.

With the help of ultrasound we are able to diagnose conditions that may have in the past required referral to an external referral centre. This allows diagnostics to be carried out in a familiar environment for your pet, also meaning they can return home on the same day.

Please contact either our Ayr or Prestwick Branch for further information.

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