Dalblair Facilities

Ayr Surgery

We are well situated in Ayr town centre with our own sizeable car park. There is wheelchair access into the surgery and consulting rooms. Internally we have two separate operating theatres, the larger of which is used for the more sterile internal and orthopaedic surgical cases.

Consulting Rooms

Within the surgery building we have three dedicated consulting rooms that all share a common pharmacy area a separate nurses consulting room.

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Operating Theatres

Two operating theatres, the larger of which is used for the more sterile internal and orthopaedic surgical cases and the smaller theatre for dental work and other less sterile procedures. Both are served by a separate but central preparation area.

Radiography Suite

Detailed X-ray images of various parts of your pet can aid in diagnosis and deciding the best treatment options. As we have a modern digital X-ray processor, this means that the whole process can be performed quickly and efficiently.

The X-rays can be viewed straight away on our digital processor, and the pictures are then linked to your pet’s own computerised medical records. This allows shorter sedation times and quicker recovery for your pet and faster, more informative results for the owners.

Dental Suite

As dental disease is one of the most common conditions we see, we have a fully equipped modern dental facility, with dental X-ray facilities. Under general anaesthetic, your pet’s teeth can be fully checked then X-rayed. The X-rays can be viewed straight away on our digital processor, and the pictures linked to your pet’s own computerised medical records.

Teeth can be scaled using an ultrasonic scaler and then polished with a motor driven low speed hand peice. Extractions are performed surgically with the help of our high speed dental drill. Use of dissolving stitches means quicker, more comfortable healing for your pet.


A fully equipped modern laboratory with computerised blood analysing machines meaning that the majority of our blood samples can be tested in house allowing us to have same day results. We also do a lot of our own microscopical investigation e.g. checking samples for bacteria, urine for crystals.


We have two distinct stainless steel kennel areas that allow us to separate routine day cases from more ill hospitalized animals as well as an isolation walk in kennel and a completely separate room to house rabbits so that they are not stressed by the sight, smell or sound of cats or dogs.

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We have a dedicated pet ambulance enabling us to transport your pet to and from the surgery. Patient collections and/or house visits require to be arranged in advance and are dependant on our staffing levels at the time. Please get in touch with our reception team for current pricing for this service.

Prestwick Surgery

Dalblair vets have had a surgery in Prestwick for over 30 years and moved into the Hunter Street site in 1995.

The Hunter Street surgery facilities include 2 consulting rooms, large waiting room, kennel suite, laboratory and separate operating theatre. This means that your pet does not need to travel into Ayr for their routine medical and surgical day procedures.

We know that, as with our own health care, you often prefer to see the same vet that you are used to seeing. Our vets work on a day rotation at Prestwick so feel free to phone up and ask to see your preferred vet and our receptionists will arrange a suitable appointment for you.

We are open all year and do not shut on bank holidays except Christmas and New Year.

Our friendly team of nurses also run nurse clinics at Prestwick as well as assisting the vets and looking after the inpatients so don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment with them if you would like advice on feeding, neutering, weight control or to have your dogs nails cut, anal glands emptied etc.

Do you have a puppy and would like to come to our fun and informative puppy parties? We hold puppy parties at Prestwick on a Thursday evening from 5.30-6.30pm.

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